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Joy Songs

Hey all... I hope that everyone is doing well... I am a sponsor for the YOU at Unity Church of Clearwater(FL), and last year we had a fire that started in the YOU room due to electrical problems (no one was hurt, and we are just now getting back into the rebuilt building). The challenge that we are having is that while we were meeting in tents outside, there was nothing done about the YOU service hours, and we really weren't in a place to be able to go to rallies/ retreats. Jump ahead to now. We have youth that are going to the upcoming fall rally, and there are some newbies that don't know the joy songs... all of the little books that we had for them burned in the fire. My request (and I am thanking spirit in advance, knowing that all will manifest itself at the proper time) is for any joy songs that you all remember. Even if you aren't from the SouthEast region, that's okay, new Joy Songs are always fun to know for International Conference. If you could send them to me via e-mail at melodybeaudry@hotmail.com, that would be super awesome. Again, I hope that all are doing well, and I thank all of you in advance for anything that you can send my way. Light and Love, Melody
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