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hi everyone!
my name is svenja, and i'm a newbie to ngu! i'm from duluth, ga, which is in atlanta, graduated from y.o.u. last spring. i attended the SE NGU retreat "harvest your health" a few weeks ago, and absolutely loved it. it actually took place at my church, which was very convenient for me :). it sparked a lot of enthusiasm for me, and i've decided to start up an n.g.u. chapter in atlanta with a few of my friends, laura and wayne. we already have about 10 ppl that are interested in coming. our 1st meeting is nov. 14th! i am ecstatic about making everything happen. if you live in the atl. area or know someone that does that might be interested, please let me know and i'll email you the info.
i'm so excited to have stumbled upon this website! it shows how big n.g.u. already is! looking forward to reading more from n.g.u'ers from all over the place!
namaste, svenja
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