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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone.

I'm new here.

I'm not currently attending Unity, but I used to. I was in YOU when I was 18, and I stopped because I got really busy with graduating high school and got really overwhelmed, because I was getting so involved in so many things. *Sigh* I shouldn't have stopped.

Anyway, I'm not really...Well, I don't know what I am anymore. I have become very involved in paganism, and there are so many parts of it I love, but I miss Unity and the feeling I would get when I was there. It sounds corny, but I felt so connected to a higher power when I was there. I felt it everywhere. It was such an amazing feeling.

I've been studying with the College of Wicca and Old Lore, and they have a great purpose - teaching those who need guidance in learning about the Craft. But I don't feel any sort of higher power when I'm there, not even in the rituals, and that bothers me. I feel it when I go to circles with close friends, but not in the College. So maybe I'm just in the wrong place for studying. There are other things I don't like, but I don't want to use up this whole post.

Aaaaanyway. I just thought I would join to keep up with what's going on in Unity. I'm considering attending a church again, maybe just once in a while at first. I feel like I'm (once again...I seem to be always coming back to this =P) questioning what kind of spirituality I really have. Maybe it's a mix of paganism and Unity. I just don't know yet. ^_^

So yeah, I'm looking forward to posting! Sorry for the tangent! =D
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