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Easter message

Friends, have you ever wondered what Jesus might say about Christianity if he were to walk the planet today? Certainly he would be saddened by the wars that have been fought in his name. And he would likely be dismayed that his two great commandments have been largely ignored. But what would he say to get us on the right path again? A letter from him might read something like this…

“Dear Friend,

“My message to you today is the same as it was 2,000 years ago. Like me, you have always been and will always be a child of God. Knowing and living that relationship allows you into the Kingdom. You can enter it right now.

“Being a loving daddy, God is intent upon giving you complete happiness and fulfillment. There is no sacrifice necessary by anyone for you to achieve that, either then or now. All that is required is that you change your mind about what you think you know about your relationship with God and with each other. He is as close as the beating of your heart. He is never absent, although you insist that he often is. And this thing about loving your neighbor? I meant what I said.

“The cause of my death is of little relevance to my teachings. I did not die to save you from your sins; only you can do that. My death was merely a preamble to the culminating lesson I offered. The final lesson was in the resurrection that I demonstrated; what has been lost in the lesson is that this resurrection is inevitable for you. Yes, inevitable… for you. Perhaps you will not awaken in this lifetime, but sooner or later you will take my words to heart and realize that all that I have done, you can do also, including the re-union with God.

“Why wait another lifetime? Claim your inheritance of joy, abundance, love, and peace now. God is ready to give you that which you truly believe you deserve.

“Do you still have questions? Sit patiently in the silence; they will be answered.”
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