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Next Generation of Unity
Welcome to the Next Generation of Unity Community on Livejournal

What is Next Generation of Unity?
Next Generation of Unity is based off of Unity teachings. We are local groups, retreats and regional events, as well as an International Community of Unity people - ages 18 to 28. We are the young adult group for the Unity Church. For Basic NGU information - check out our bulletin board. We are currently in the process of redoing our website.

Join us!
Our purpose is to give information, and connect members who are already a part of the livejournal community. Please join us, and feel free to share:
  • How you found us

  • Your Unity experience

  • What you hope to find with NGU

Information you will find here:
  • Other Next Generation of Unity members

  • Information about Upcoming Retreats, Local Events, and International Information

  • Basic info on the lives of Next Generation of Unity

  • Practical spiritual information relating to the lives of young adults

Other Unity Communities
y_o_u: The Youth of Unity community on livejournal. A sister community.
unitics: For all people in Unity - regardless of age.

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